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Paw from Lawrence, Kansas: modest Midwest guitar desperation

(And desperate is what young bands are supposed to be -- and often are -- these days. They're supposed to come out of nowhere, with nothing, make a great rock-and-roll record without understanding what they've done, and convince everyone who suddenly likes them that they aren't trying to appeal to them.)

I ask Fitch what it's been like for the band to have gone from proverbial nowhere little more than a year ago to where they are now.

You mean a block away from nowhere?" he says.
ell, having made a great-sounding record, toured a not-insignificant chunk of the world -- and a block away from Cobo Hall, actually. But yeah, okay, a block away from nowhere.

That's when he tells me about the educational blitz of learning to play live, learning to record, and learning some of the ins and outs of the record biz. And at the end of it all, without sounding like he's trying to speak out of anyoneÕs experience but his own, he says, "I think we're at a place right now where we're starting to be an exciting and viable band."

One thing you'll notice about Midwestern modesty: When you understate your achievement over the phone, it sounds all the more impressive in the flesh.

Paw plays at 10:30 p.m. Friday, December 10 at Goat's Head Soup, 128 Westheimer. Ticket's cost $3 for adults; $5 for minors. Call 520-7625 for more info.

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