A comparison to a trip to Whole Foods? Tyer and his date need to get out more often.

Evan Bauman

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Lawyers Need Love, Too
"Defending the Indefensible" [by Steve McVicker, February 10] was very interesting. However, Mr. McVicker left the impression that all court-appointed attorneys entertain the same lack of personal feeling, concern and professionalism toward the defendants they represent as Ron Mock does.

This is not only untrue -- it is a direct slap in the face to all the attorneys I have worked for, and there are many.

I am a court-approved private investigator, and each time I have been called on to assist in gathering facts for a case, the defense attorneys I have met with have been strong-willed, determined and -- odd as it may sound -- honest and caring. These great attorneys work long, hard hours and believe that each defendant deserves their best.

So the next time Mr. McVicker wants to do an article on court-appointed defense attorneys, tell him to call me and I will direct him to "real" attorneys -- not the exception to the rule with the likes of Ron Mock.

Pam Bosse-Hamilton


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