My review of this private grant comes with some independence and objectivity. I assumed the presidency of the Development Foundation after [the Philadelphia Project] had been processed. It appears that the Development Foundation employees in every area applied a higher level of care with this project than with the standard. The process and procedures were adequate. The Foundation, like other organizations, is not capable of detecting deception on the part of individuals at any point of the process.

Finally, the public would better be served by a knowledgeable press that considers all the facts and reports the issue with objectivity.

Eddie J. Davis
Texas A&M Development Foundation
College Station

Make Mine Modern
The first thing I flip to in the Houston Press is "This Modern World," the comic strip by Tom Tomorrow. Please keep running it! It seems that it is fashionable these days to not publicly take a stand on "hot" issues. Tom negates this trend. He not only combines biting irony with politics, he makes sense sometimes!

Tim Schaller


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