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Young upstarts such as Jack Mize and Rob Mungle have done their little acts at the Boatyard, along with local comic Robin Forman and actual celebrity Riley Barber. You just never know -- and isn't that nicer than seeing a set show of canned comedy by road hacks? The 90-minute show begins at 10 p.m. Proceeded and followed by live acoustic jazz. The Boatyard, 3839 Morningside, 942-7774. No cover.

may 18
Noontime concert The Houston Parks and Recreation Department is quietly putting our tax dollars to work all over town for a variety of diversions, including this workday respite. Don't eat a microwaved meal at your disorderly desk; get out, get some air. Enjoy fine jazz at City Hall. (Ignore the ludicrous decorations dangling from the trees, or thank Elyse, if your taste runs that way.) You can down an espresso or enjoy a fine, steamin' styrofoam cup of latte from the vendors (whose home office, by the way, is in League City). Sit by the reflecting pool and, well, reflect. A little sensitivity won't hurt you, no matter how hardcore corporate you aim to be.

Today, the Tony Campise Quartet performs. 12:15-1:15 p.m. City Hall, Hermann Square, 901 Bagby. For more info call 845-1222.

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