The Burial and Resurrection (maybe) of Doug Sanders

For 14 years, Doug Sanders ran Houston's most celebrity-filled golf tournament. Then he was accused of sticking his hand in the till. Now he wants to come back.

As he leaves the tee, Sanders spots another golfer. He angles his golf cart over toward him so he can ask a few questions about corporations or people who might be able to come up with some funding for a Sanders-inspired golf tournament. When the man indicates that, yes, he might know of some possibilities, Sanders looks at him intently and intones a simple phrase: "Cash is king."

The golfer looks startled for a moment, and then responds, "You got that right."

Sanders nods, and then, like he's reciting a new truth from his own private bible, says again, "Cash is king."

It may be just a product of the difference between the days -- the afternoon of his anguish was rainy and overcast, today is clear with a blazing sun -- or it may be just the product of the passage of time. But for Sanders, it's a strange turnaround from how he appeared just a few days before, when after re-watching the Dolcefino tapes he could barely keep himself alert and his eyes dry of tears. Then, it seemed as if his pain would never go away.

Now, it appears as if the pain never existed.

Steve Satterwhite contributed research to this story.

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