Taking a Bite Out of...

Revealed: Castratin' Mike's youthful indiscretion

"I think any human being is entitled to rehabilitate himself and correct any dysfunctional character flaws he or she may have in order to make himself or herself a better person," says Freeman, a devout Muslim, who compares the situation to his embarrassment with the fact that at one point in his life he hated all Caucasians. "I think Judge McSpadden is still qualified as a human being, notwithstanding some of his less-than-sensitive and, in some cases, even subhuman fixations or opinions. I think I would have to extend to him the courtesy I would extend to any other person. He is eligible to be forgiven by the Creator."

McSpadden graduated from OU in 1966. That means, of course, that his 30-year reunion is coming up soon. And our sources in Norman say that the alligator is making a comeback.

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