Finally he cites noise, saying that briefly it worked. Substitute "music" or "sound" and one gets the same meaning. But by choosing "noise," Smith suggests uncontrolled noise and flat out says it -- "It became painfully obvious that the band has yet to construct a full song." Here is where it is obvious that Mr. Smith definitely cannot buy a clue as to what is going on.

Now, dig this Mr. Smith. Dry Nod is one of the few bands in town that constantly reinterprets songs, pushes them to the edge and challenges the audience. Most bands play songs -- Dry Nod interacts with a song. Their music is organic, building layer upon layer. I've been listening for years to their brilliantly crafted songs and I, and many other local sound makers in Houston, are constantly amazed and inspired by their work, because, unlike Mr. Smith, we actually listen.

Ramon Medina

The "Best of Houston" [September 22] contained awards for the best places to buy, and use, a gun. I was disappointed that you would include this in your paper.

The Houston Press appears to be directed at well-educated, urbane, cosmopolitan professionals, the demographic group least likely to own guns. Your readers, generally speaking, do not tote guns, chew tobacco or live in trailers.

Jacob S. Wissler Jr.

Editor's note: While it is true our readers generally are urbane and cosmopolitan, many of the editors and writers here live in doublewides, pack heat and enjoy a chaw now and then.

Bingo Pissed
This crap fell out of last week's Press. Please take care of it.
In case the above comment is lost on you, this is offensive, and at my age it takes a lot to piss me off.

Doris Murdock

Editor's note: Murdock enclosed three "Titty Bingoz" bumper stickers that were inserted in the September 15 Houston Press as advertisements for a rock band of that name. The editors and writers, many of whom live in doublewides, pack heat and enjoy a chaw now and then, had nothing to do with this egregious lapse of taste.

He's the Man
Thank you for your Best of Houston 1994 special edition. I was delighted to read your recognition of Michael Harris as the Best Talk Radio Host. I made the switch to Michael three years ago, and listening to his Person to Person dialogue has greatly enriched my life. I appreciate the issues he discusses, but most of all I am grateful for his patience and respect he shows toward all his guests and callers. Michael Harris is making a positive impact on our entire community.

Lorelei de la Reza

Yuppie Alert
Your issue on Houston's Best was really quite wonderful. I must ask you, though, not to keep spreading word about the "charming, historic and fascinating" Third Ward. First thing you know, the yuppies will discover us and ruin it! SH-H-H-H-H!

Linda D. Lord

Cane the Bigots!
I'm a 75-year-old white male; and I pick up your paper Wednesday evenings at the post office at 4020 Broadway. I do not consider shopping at Randalls since they "censored" the Press. Now, I find it "missing" from Rice markets!

Last week's edition was censored by some BIGOT(S) from the post office! This is the second time for that! If I ever see them, I'll report their license! I'd prefer to put the dimwits in stocks and administer severe caning!

S.J. Wilburn Jr.

Caution: Falling Chips
Cole Schweikhardt, I'll keep my mouth shut if you will open your eyes and ears ["Silence, Please," Letters, August 18]!!!

My accolades to the Houston Press editorial staff and Mr. Fry were to their courage to print a four (4) frame cartoon depicting a crowd of thousands standing in downtown Houston, waiting over an extra hour while 100 persons succumbed to heat ills, 10 went to the hospital and three were kept overnight. All were waiting while one person prayed!!! I also added, this also takes place in the workplace by persons adjusting and giving up their lunch and rest breaks so someone can wash, get their rug and pray.

These persons are required to pray FIVE (5) times a day, and at certain times. The times I referred to were no. 2 and no. 3.

No. 2 is called Sa-Laa-tuz-Zuhr. Offered after midday (noon) but before the time the shade gets doubled.

No. 3 is called Sa-Laa-tul-Asr. Offered one to two hours before sunset.
I added that this is a Christian country, founded on Christian principles, and according to our Constitution we can permit you and other religious persons to pray when and where you want. But Christians cannot unless it is in silence, and disturbs no one else. To QUOTE your statement, "it is not necessary to affirm your particular faith by forcing others to listen to it or participate in it against their will."

I feel your statement also applies to giving up lunch and rest breaks so people can pray. Must we alone be silent, yet let everyone else be verbal? Let your statement apply to everyone EQUALLY.

I did not wish to continue this confab, but as with many controversial subjects, there are many who engage their oral orifice before engaging their gray matter.

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