I was particularly surprised and offended that a member of the Bar (Mrs. Ryan) would publicly air certain details of what happened in the jury room. Her comment that the grand jury had "the appearance of a kangaroo court" taxes my intelligence when made, by all people, a lawyer. I am sure that Mrs. Ryan is (or should be) well acquainted with the fact that the grand jury is not a court and does not "try" people for any alleged offenses. Their duty is to hear both sides of the presentation and then decide if there is enough evidence for a majority of nine members to recommend an indictment or a no-bill.

J.R. Standish
La Porte

Editor's note: Yolanda Villarreal Ryan (no relation to Mr. Ryan, we assume) did not divulge anything of substance that transpired in the grand jury's deliberations. She simply questioned the district attorney's methods and motivation in continuing to target Lupe Salinas. She has every right to do so, since, at least when we last looked, this is still a free country.

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