Royal and Righteous

Queen for a Day benefits a good cause and gives local bands a chance to rock you

Medina believes -- or hopes -- that Queen for a Day will resemble a Replacements show, back "when they used to be a bunch of drunken idiots ... they would just walk up there and start playing songs that they couldn't make out how to play. They would play the chorus and that's about it; people would get pissed off and throw stuff at them."

"Hopefully we'll avoid the part about people getting pissed off and throwing stuff," Medina adds, "but I think it'll be the same attitude: just go over there and make a bunch of noise. I think it will be more fun than anything else."

It's the fun that's important; after all, benefits are commonplace and people certainly don't go to shows simply because they're raising money for some charity. The fact that the proceeds do go to a good cause is definitely a plus, though. And while some benefits donate only a portion of their proceeds, Queen for a Day is a rarity in that all proceeds from the door will go to AIDS Foundation Houston's emergency fund. The bands are, of course, playing for free. However profits from T-shirt sales will, Koistinen hopes, cover the cost of a keg of beer for the bands.

One thing that those involved in Queen for a Day are quick to remark upon is 27-year-old Koistinen. In particular, they point to her enthusiasm, hard work and dedication to helping raise money for AIDS charities. (Although Koistinen simply says she does it because "it's a blast.") As Keenlies frontman Brad Moore explained on a recent trip to Raja's Indian restaurant: "This is like one way that we can do our little part. We'd do a benefit for anything just 'cause we do enjoy drinking beer and playing rock and roll, but Diane [Koistinen] has focused us in the right direction, to do a real thing for a real cause. It's certainly something that everyone can be proud of. And it's Queen."

"What about Queen?" Moore was asked.
Wearing his patented stupid-ass grin, Moore proudly exclaimed, "Queen rocks!"

Queen for a Day will be 9 p.m.-2 a.m., Sunday, May 14 at Mary Jane's. Cover is $8. Doors open at 7 p.m. Call 869-JANE for info.

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