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Crimson Tide dives deep, but ends up dead in the water

For all this, Crimson Tide could still have been a pleasant thriller, were it not for the fact that it's so predictable. In a movie such as this, when the sub that all the stars are on loses propulsion and threatens to sink and implode, you know that's not going to happen. The trick for the filmmaker is to take such familiar situations and do something different with them, to make the predictable new or different. Crimson Tide's creative crew fails. What you see is what you're going to get, and you know it.

Delete the cursing, and Crimson Tide might have made a decent TV movie. As it stands, your time would be better spent settling on the couch with Clancy, Connery and Baldwin and that other magenta underwater adventure, Hunt for Red October.

Crimson Tide.
Directed by Tony Scott. With Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington.
Rated R.
116 minutes.

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