Mr. Nelms can view reality as he wishes and continue to support his brethren and claim that official figures that contradict his position are "ridiculous," but his protestations will fall flat. In the end, the cold, hard facts contained in public records will tell the citizens of Harris County the whole story. We suspect the commercial bail bonding industry won't like the last chapter.

Dennis Potts and Tom McCarty

Editor's note: Potts and McCarty work for the Harris County Pretrial Services Agency.

Suck-Up from Our DJ
I noticed your e-mail address in the most recent Houston Press issue and thought I'd write a fan letter. I really do enjoy your work. I have no tips ... just compliments!

Dayna Steele, KLOL

I don't claim to be a rocket scientist, nor do I qualify as being a moron, but I have a serious problem understanding an article I recently read. In this article [News, "A Whiter Shade of Blue," by Steve McVicker, May 4], it was discussed about the White Officers Association and its forming in response to the settlement of a lawsuit by the African-American Police Officers' League. Now, as a black, not African-American, but black man, I just can't seem to understand the importance of any of these organizations. I am under the impression that each organization was formed because there was an apparent need for them. I really don't see the need. It seems that these organizations only shine a light on our racial differences, which, in my opinion, should not be an issue. The need for these organizations, and others like them, will continue to cause conflicts in the department and racial strife, when all this energy needs to be focused on the problem of drugs on our streets, the increasing problem of theft and burglary and the fear that many of us have of simply venturing out or driving the streets because we never know what lunatic may pick us off.

I have never, nor will I ever, support affirmative action. I believe promotions or raises should be based on performance and performance alone. If there are racial biases in the department, they need to be addressed and handled. Maybe I'm not understanding the true function of these groups, but it seems to me that whenever there is a problem, someone always tends to bring race into it. I say we do away with all the organizations based on race. Can we, or Congress, do something to stop the forming of these groups, as they hide behind the First Amendment?

I, personally, have the utmost respect for the "men in blue." Without them, we'd be a city lost, even more so. Maybe you can do future stories or direct me to these organizations for further information. Maybe I'm missing something.

Steven R. Washington

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