Island Rumbles

One thing that is necessary in West Side Story is an adept supporting cast, since many supporting roles carry almost the weight of leads. And like every other facet of Galveston Island's production, these players are a mixed bag. Yvonne Campbell shines as Maria's best friend, the spitfire Anita; Robert Anthony has less success as Anita's boyfriend/ Maria's brother, Bernardo. As Tony's friend and Jet leader Riff, Mark Arvin, a former principal dancer with the Houston Ballet, makes his background clear. His dancing is fine; his acting, less so.

That, in a nutshell, is what Galveston Island's production is all about. For every success, there's a failure. And when the venue for young toughs playing for keeps at love and war is an open-air amphitheater with an unencumbered view of the starry sky, it's debatable if wavering competence suffices.

West Side Story plays through September 2 at Galveston Island Outdoor Musicals Amphitheatre, 13 Mile Road, Galveston, (800) 547-4697; 737-3440 in Galveston.


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