The Insider

"Q: Explain about any layoffs at Eagle Publishing Group?," asked the Singleton info sheet, which then promptly informed the citizenry of the answer in DeanoSpeak: "There were no layoffs. New England Newspaper Inc. purchased the assets of Eagle Publishing Group. As a new employer it interviewed and hired employees to operate the acquired assets." Likewise, Singleton's new paper posed the question, "Were there pay cuts?" and soothingly replied, "There were no 'pay cuts.' New England Newspapers Inc., as a new employer, established its own job descriptions, working conditions and pay scales." Concluded Boston Globe writer Alex Beam of Singleton's exercise in Orwellian journalism: "As for the men and women who were sacked, or had their salaries slashed; well, they have the comfort of knowing they weren't laid off."

The Insider was compiled by Tim Fleck with a song in his heart. He can be reached at 624-1483, 624-1496 (fax) or (e-mail).

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