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Just Trying to Help
Those funny guys over at the Jerry Dumas campaign for state Senate continue to amaze and amuse with their broadsides at opponent Jon Lindsay in the 7th District GOP primary. Most recently, Dumas has offered "to help Lindsay clear his name" by providing him a free polygraph to test the truthfulness of accusations that he had accepted bribes from a contractor pal while he was county judge. Dumas also helpfully volunteers to provide and pay for a handwriting expert to peruse a contract purporting to show Lindsay accepted $5,520 from the sale of a piece of land by the same contractor. Lindsay has admitted signing the contract but says a second signature indicating he accepted the money is a forgery. And if those gifts go unclaimed, next week Dumas is expected to offer Lindsay a free injection of sodium pentothal. What a guy!

Party of the People
Under chairman David Mincberg, the Harris County Democratic Party has a track record for putting more slugs in its own feet than in Republicans. The latest casualty is Michael Moon, a Dallas operative brought in by Mincberg at $2,500 a month to run this spring's party primary. Moon didn't last long -- he was forced to resign after just three months on the job. The precipitating incident was a squabble with Mincberg over a returned filing-fee check from Alvin Roy, a last-minute challenger to incumbent Garnet Coleman in state House District 147.

While a bounced check is a justification for disqualifying a candidate, Roy claimed that his bank had made an error and he had the funds to cover the draft. Moon says after checking with the bank, which confirmed Roy's story, he redeposited the check rather than remove Roy from the ballot. That angered Mincberg, who called Moon in the following week, demanded his resignation and then bounced Roy off the ballot. Other sources say Coleman was also angry at Moon, since having an opponent would put the brakes on his plans to devote the next few months to serving on the transition team for incoming state Democratic chairman Bill White. Coleman denies having anything to do with Moon's ouster and says he even offered to help him find another job. Roy, who had filed suit over his removal from the ballot, has now been reinstated by the party. Moon should be so lucky.

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