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Bet You Can't Watch Just One
If you thought the furor over who gets to parade on Martin Luther King Day weekend was settled last month, think again. The feud between the original parade organizer, Ovide Duncantell of the Black Heritage Society, and arch-rival Charles Stamps, who sponsored not one but two parades this year, is continuing. After this year's squabble, Duncantell sought to block Stamps in the future by applying for city parade permits for all weekend dates and MLK Day Mondays through the year 2001. But the city rejected his applications as faulty, and Duncantell says when he went back with retooled applications, lo and behold, Stamps had slipped in and nailed down every available date for a downtown parade till the next century. Stamps, an ex-con who put on what one onlooker described as "the world's shortest parade" with the first of his efforts this year (it consisted of just four vehicles), is now set to produce three parades next year with the city's blessings.

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