Rowland thinks Tori needs an "outsider's levelheaded input." I praise this album because it is not levelheaded -- it's typical Tori, and that's good enough for me.

A Girl for Pele,
Ligia Nodarse

Why, Brad, Why?
With regard to Brad Tyer's review of the Twisted Willie compilation [Rotation, February 1], I think that he is missing an important point. Music is all about collaboration. Obviously, the people involved in the making of this record have a lot of respect for one another, and besides, it sounds like the project was fun for all. Brad asks, "Why?" Without getting too philosophical, I can offer a few humble reasons. A lot of people may be fans of all the "alternative" (let's beat the term to death, shall we??) bands, and if this is a way to expose them to Willie Nelson's songs and perhaps make them want to delve deeper into his music, I think that gives enough justification to the project. Besides, I happen to like a lot of the tracks on the record. C'mon, Brad, lighten up, will ya?

Elise Degraye

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