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Jones, who lost rather decisively to Yarbrough, claims the phone script was "erroneous and malicious." The bounced check, he says, was inadvertent and not a deliberate "hot" check, while the computer disc in question was taken to another mailing source because Roden did not have time to do the work. Still to be resolved is the matter of another check for $2,000 Jones wrote to Roden for phone bank services and then stopped payment on after the telephone blitz began. Both sides are now mau-mauing about taking the bad blood to civil court, where the voters in the jury box are fewer and not susceptible to telephone persuasion.

Just Three Words...
Democratic Party types were raising their eyebrows last week over the Chronicle's endorsement of schoolteacher Victor Morales in his runoff with Congressman John Bryant to pick the party's U.S. Senate nominee. The Hearst-owned Chronicle could hardly be expected to endorse Bryant -- the Dallas congressman actually had the gall to question Hearst's purchase of the Post, and he favors raising the minimum wage, an anathema to the Chronicle editorial board. But the paper's very strange endorsement of "normal guy" Morales served only to expose the emptiness of his campaign (for more on Morales, see David Pasztor's report on page 5). As the Chronicle editorialized, "Morales has summed up his political program in three words: education, education, education. There is much truth in what he says." Future candidates should note that if they're capable of articulating such deep truths, they, too, may be in line for the paper's nod.

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