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Barbara Hurwitz reluctantly confirmed for us that she and her husband had separated. "We are trying very hard to work through things, and I really feel very positive that we will," she says. "It's a very private and stressful time for us right now, and we're not telling it to the judge or anything like that."

Her husband's choice for temporary housing, the apartments at the Four Seasons Hotel, has a reputation in high- society circles as a "Heartbreak Hotel" for wealthy Houston spouses going solo. A current tenant relates that Four Seasons apartment dwellers enjoy excellent room service, their own concierge and a private entrance.

Meanwhile, there's no word on what's to become of the Hurwitzs' undeveloped half of the Huntingdon penthouse space they split with Elyse and Mayor Bob Lanier. Up to now, the Hurwitz half has served mainly as storage space for the leftovers of the Laniers' build-out effort on their own high-in-the-sky domicile.

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