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Super soaker Six Flags WaterWorld opens today. Little kids can play at Squirt's Splash, a water playground for toddlers. Thrill seekers can plunge 82 feet over the Edge, a huge water slide, or go tubing on the Run-A-Way River. Or if playing in the water isn't your thing, make like a hippo and relax in the mild Main Stream. Through May 19, the park is only open on weekends. Six Flags WaterWorld, next to AstroWorld, Loop 610 at Kirby (take the Fannin exit), 799-1234. $13.95; $10.95, children less than 48-inches tall; free, children under three.

Spike, Mike, Slackers and Dykes It's a book thing about the independent movie thing. Indie-movie maven John Pierson will talk about low- and no-budget filmmaking and tout his book, a tome with useful advice such as, "If your parents offer to pay $5,000 for your sister's wedding, it's your duty to demand the same to fund your movie." Pierson will also show outtakes from movies such as She's Gotta Have It (by the Spike of his title, Spike Lee), Roger and Me (by the Mike, Michael Moore) and Clerks (which accounts for the slackers; the dykes are their own film). 3 p.m. Museum of Fine Arts, Brown Auditorium, 1001 Bissonnet, 639-7515. $6; $5, seniors and students.

Take the Monopoly Challenge This family fun fundraiser brings in money for programs at the Jewish Community Center, and it's an official Parker Brothers International sanctioned tournament. The winner will automatically be entered in the state tournament and, with a little luck and a Get Out of Jail Free card, might go on to the national and international tournaments as well. There will be two 90-minute games for players age 14 and up. Everybody at every table will get some sort of prize. 711 p.m. Houstonian Hotel, 111 North Post Oak Lane. For tickets, or to purchase a gaming table, call 729-3200, ext. 3298. $500, table sponsorship; $50, individual participation ticket; $15, spectator admission.

An Evening with RuPaul Most people either know all about Town Meeting, a nonprofit organization devoted to gay and lesbian issues, and famous transvestite performer of the moment RuPaul, and are excited about tonight's concert, or they find the whole deal beneath their notice. Pinque is on the bill with RuPaul, and Pinque says, in the words of the late, great Minnie Pearl (but in her own down-home accent), "I'm just so proud to be here!" 710 p.m. Rich's, 2401 San Jacinto. For tickets, call 526-2853. $100, VIP package, which includes a three-course lunch and open bar with RuPaul at La Strada and access to the VIP lounge; $25, at the door; $15, advance.

may 5
Boom! Have an appetite for destruction? Then get up early and get on out for the implosion. The last standing structure of the Blue Ribbon rice dryers on Studemont will be imploded promptly at eight o'clock this morning. A raffle winner will push the button, and the Zocalo Bus is offering a breakfast tour of the whole event. To "see history crumble" on the bus, call Jim Pirtle, 864-5222. To see history crumble from the sidelines, show up early, since parking is heck, and join the crowd standing where the SPCA used to be, on Studemont at Memorial.

Cinco de Mayo Blow Out Block Party Remember the Alamo and celebrate Cinco de Mayo -- for some people, any excuse for a party will do, and those people will be at the Cadillac Bar today, partaking of shots served by shooter girls, chowing down and enjoying live music from Global Village and Norma Zenteno. This cultural mishmash also includes a Velcro wall and a bungee pull. But what the hey, the Mexican commander of the Battle of Puebla, General Ignacio Zaragosa de Seguin, was from Goliad. Proceeds go to Ripley House, a nonprofit organization helping inner-city Hispanic families. The party starts at 11 a.m. Cadillac Bar, 1802 Shepherd (at I-10), 862-2020. $5 admission.

Cinco de Mayo Elvia's Cantina, a Mexican pub, is having a more traditional Cinco de Mayo celebration, with live music by the Latin Connection and authentic folk dance from the Rodriguez Academy of Dance. 611 p.m. 2727 Fondren (at Westheimer), 266-9631. Food and drinks at regular prices; $5 cover.

may 6
Adopted a pet? If you did get a cute, puppy, a bouncing kitten or even a grown dog or cat that no longer possesses the charms of youth at the Adopt-A-Thon, you should go to a library, or a bookstore, today, and pick up a text or two on animal care and (if your choice was canine) dog training. I favor the unsentimental Koehler method myself, but any program will work if you stick to it. It's never too early or too late to start training a dog.

may 7
My Memories of Ray As part of Landmark Theatre's The Masterworks of Satyajit Ray series, Minkakshi Ghosh, longtime friend of the filmmaker and longtime connoisseur of art and film, will talk about the revered Indian director. Ray's influence is wide and deep -- scholars believe that the Simpsons character Apu is based on Ray's Apu series of early films. Following the talk, art film fans can attend a screening of Jalsaghar (The Music Room), a 1958 Ray film about the decline of an aristocrat. In black and white, Jalsaghar has the staginess and grandeur of a classic Universal horror film. Talk, 6 p.m., free; the film follows, $6.75. Landmark's Greenway Theatre, 5

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