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Rosen cites personal problems involving the health of family members for her decision to downsize the operations of Rosen and Newey. The laid-off lawyers are Lynne Renfro, Alice O'Neill and former Post criminal courts reporter Mary Flood. Two of the three were deeply involved in representing plaintiffs in breast implant cases, a specialty area currently undergoing a reduction of sorts as juries become more skeptical of such claims. Rosen's firm lost a major implant case against 3M in February. The bankruptcy of Dow Corning has delayed a number of the firm's cases, Rosen says, though she declines to blame the delay for the layoffs of the particular attorneys.

"Your reading audience isn't going to feel particularly sorry for lawyers out of work any more than they would feel sorry for them at the bottom of the ocean," chuckles Flood, who has kept her sense of humor if not her job. The three lawyers visited a Texas Employment Commission office Monday morning to file for benefits, and learned anew how the other half lives. "Now I know how all my friends at the Post felt," says Flood, who left the newspaper a few years before it sank to go to Harvard law school. "I never really knew where the TEC was until now."

Tearful Meeting
A source in Bob Lanier's inner circle reports that shortly after Port Commissioner Betti Maldonado decided to cease cooperation with the FBI agents who were asking her to bribe councilmembers, she met with the mayor in his office and tearfully explained her role in the sting. Maldonado may have won the mayor's sympathy, but our source says plenty of Lanier's staff are furious with Maldonado, considering her guilty of rank treason for agreeing to pass cash contributions to pro-Lanier councilmembers on behalf of the federal agents posing as investors. Asked to confirm the meeting, mayoral spokesman Sarah Turner said Lanier would not comment because of the continuing FBI investigation. Maldonado could not be reached.

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