Scary Carrey

The Cable Guy reveals Jim Carrey's dark side -- but not enough of it

The Cable Guy leaves you wishing that Stiller, Carrey and everyone else involved had simply gone a few steps further, and allowed Chip to evolve into something seriously and dangerously twisted. One thing seems certain: Carrey is ready and able, though perhaps not yet willing, to take his hyperactive antics to their logical extreme, and to unleash the beast that snarls beneath his slapstick. It's quite possible that someday The Cable Guy will be seen as a transitional film for Carrey, much as Punchline was for Tom Hanks and Pennies from Heaven was for Steve Martin. That is, it will be remembered as the film that made people think, "Oh. Look at that. He is capable of other things. More interesting things. Darker things. Let's see more."

The Cable Guy.
Directed by Ben Stiller. With Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick.
Rated PG-13.
91 minutes.

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