Humor with a Crutch
I realize yours is a free newspaper and I probably shouldn't have any gripes, but your comic page has got to be the lamest excuse for humor I have ever seen.

John Rolph

The Stockman Welcome Mat
Having read the latest in your series of articles and "exposes" on Congressman Steve Stockman, I have a few questions and observations for you: Do you expect Stockman or his staff to welcome you into his home with open arms when everything you've ever written about him has been decidedly negative? Your stories and the tone of your paper are anything but objective. You can't abide or report objectively on anything or anyone who is Republican, nor can you ever report anything unfavorable on a Democrat.

You went to Stockman's place with your mind made up as to what you were going to write. You refer to all his staffers as whiny. To me, you are the ultimate whiner.

Jerry King

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