After the untimely demise of the Houston Post, I and many others hoped that the Press would take the opportunity to become a mature voice on serious issues. Instead, your paper has chosen to sink even lower into the immature and malicious sewer of sensationalism.

Amy C. Brown

Editor's reply: Okay, what errors and omissions?

Inspect That Property
Excellent article on David Weekley -- it should be inclusive of many Houston builders, not just Weekley.

When buying a new house, potential buyers need to keep in mind the caveat buyers beware. Buyers should approach the property with the idea that problems exist and that they need to be aggressive with their property inspections. Quality inspectors will help reveal these problems. Buyers need to seek out qualified inspectors, and in some cases, disregard recommendations by real estate agents' inspectors. Additional money spent up front for thorough inspections is money well spent.

Lastly, be prepared to walk away from the purchase. There are numerous other dream homes in the area.

Michael Pierce

The Entire Picture
I have known David Weekley and his wife for more than 20 years, and the first word that comes to mind when I think of him is integrity. While it is true that the CEO/president is ultimately responsible for all that besets his or her company, it is wise to look at the entire picture for flaws. It is impossible to be all places at all times. If there indeed are problems, I'll bet that David will resolve them to everyone's satisfaction, fairly and conscientiously. One-sided, sensationalist reporting discredits all the good things you strive to accomplish. Don't burn the guy before giving him a chance -- it benefits no one.

April Rapier

Won Stop Wonders
Has Steve Stockman paid his student loans? After all, as "our" representative, he and his $58,000-per-year JSC wife can well afford to pay it off! As for his "home protectors," are they part of a personal malicious militia?

A.J. da Silva
Clear Lake City

That Left-out Feeling
As recipients of last year's award for Best Latin/Tejano Band, we were very surprised not to find the name of Mango Punch! among the nominees for this year's award.

Because we are even more active and in demand than last year, I consider this to be a very serious omission on your part. Our fan base has grown, our popularity is rising and your nominating committee has overlooked that we are one of the busiest bands in town. If there is a reason for this, I would very much like to know their criteria. If it was just an oversight, I would much appreciate it if you could correct that mistake in the remaining printouts of the ballots.

Although your nominating committee does include several people who are knowledgeable of the Houston music scene, none of them seems to me to be particularly strong in their knowledge of the Latin music genre.

Furthermore, we weren't even invited to be a part of the Houston Showcase of Bands. We couldn't make the showcase last year because we had a prior commitment, but we would have considered participating this year. Our band has the quality to contribute significantly to this event.

We know there are a lot of bands in town, and it must be hard to keep track of everybody. But we have been around for more than five years, and our name is constantly in your paper. Quite frankly, we're disappointed.

Walter Suhr
Mango Punch!

Everybody Play Together
Once again I am frustrated to find the interests of the Alley Theatre, and of the Theatre District, characterized as being at odds with its fellow arts presenters throughout Houston. I should hasten to point out: that Alley artists and staff regularly work with many of these other organizations; that the Alley itself has collaborated on a variety of projects with the Ensemble, DiverseWorks and others; and that Alley employees have themselves been loyal and enthusiastic audience members for productions mounted outside of the Theatre District. The constituent organizations of the Theatre District have no interest whatsoever in undercutting the vitality of other producers; to the contrary, our proposal to restructure the funding process is intended to serve the long-term benefit of all of Houston's arts organizations. This basic contention should be confirmed by an open-minded reading of our proposal, not by hearsay.

I am impressed with Margie Beegle's commitment to attending "everything" [Letters, "No Wegman Brochures," July 4] including the Alley Theatre's productions. I want, however, to correct the impression she made that our performances are financially inaccessible. This past season, through the Alley's Educational and Community Outreach Programs, we distributed more than 10,000 free tickets to our productions. Another 28,000 tickets were made available at substantial discounts (average price: $7), while our Summer Chills series, seen by nearly 20,000 people, was priced at an average of $11 per ticket. Anyone can call our box office for information regarding our various discount programs. It is simply unfair to compare the Alley's prices to the cost of attending a show on Broadway, and I regret any implication that our productions are reserved for an elite audience.

Paul Tetreault
Managing Director, Alley Theatre

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