Etc.: Airtight and somewhat methodical in their approach to working a room, Press Music Awards regulars Global Village pride themselves on their eclecticism and professionalism. Now, with a new CD of original material, they're out to dispel the rumor that great party bands have nothing significant of their own to offer.

Global Village performs at 8 p.m. Sunday at 8.0.

Artist: Graham Guest
Nominated for: Best Guitarist
Sound of choice: A heavy Southern hippie-groove thang
Time logged: One year (with Moses Guest)

Etc.: After all the confusion that's arisen over the name of his trio, Graham Guest has finally gone ahead and changed its name from Guest to Moses Guest -- and not a moment too soon. You can almost hear the massive sigh of relief coming from club owners fed up with the persistent inquiries about the mystery "Guest" artist they saw listed in the newspaper. As for Graham, he smokes a mean guitar, with animated licks that are as accurate as they are expansive. Think Kim Thayil by way of Jerry Garcia.

Moses Guest performs at 4 p.m. Sunday at McElroy's Pub.

Artist: The Gypsies
Nominated for: Best Traditional/Ethnic
Sound of choice: Wide ranging Euro-folk
Time logged: In one form or another, since the dawn of time

Etc.: The Gypsies are seldom seen around the club scene these days. Their sophisticated mastery of a range of folk styles, from klezmer to Celtic to whatever, and their ability to blend styles as easily as they shift from one to another, has made them the society party band of choice. At times, there are three Gypsies; at other times, there will be as many as 30. But inevitably, folk-guru Greg Harbour is the king of the Gypsies, and his wife Mary Ann is their queen.

The Gypsies perform at 5 p.m. Sunday at Q Cafe.

Artist: Harry Fish String Band
Nominated for: Best Traditional/Ethnic
Sound of choice: Country-folk with a bluegrass attitude
Time logged: Two years

Etc.: The ethnic tradition defended here is an American one; Mike Straub fronts an acoustic lineup that splashes Texas hot sauce on the banjos and mandolins of Appalachia. In keeping with the Norfolk Street singer/songwriter genre, the key elements are originality combined with respect for tradition; the sense of humor that goes with the playing has a tendency to draw the audience in until they become a part of the show.

Harry Fish String Band performs at 6 p.m. Sunday at McElroy's Pub.

Artist: Clarence Hollimon
Nominated for: Best Guitarist
Sound of choice: Sophisticated, jazz-influenced blues
Time logged: More than 40 years

Etc.: Hollimon learned his craft in the '50s at legendary Fifth Ward nightspots such as the Whispering Pines and the Club Matinee; from early on, he established a reputation as a smooth, sophisticated crowd pleaser. His nightly gigs with his brother, pianist Sweets Hollimon, at downtown's 401 Club introduced him to high society, which is why Hollimon and his wife, pianist/singer Carol Fran, seldom play club dates anymore. They're much more likely to be found at private parties in River Oaks, where, contrary to popular opinion, there are plenty of fans who know a world-class guitarist when they hear one.

Artist: The Hollisters
Nominated for: Best New Act; Best C&W; Best Male Vocalist (Mike Barfield); Best Guitarist (Eric Danheim)

Sound of choice: Honky-tonk with a '90s spirit
Time logged: More than a year
Etc.: If you're out and about on weekends and haven't seen the Hollisters by now, you've either been frequenting the wrong joints or hanging out in the street. This well-oiled, omnipresent quartet defines the essence of the so-called New Country movement -- a true-blue tribute to its heroes (Johnny Cash, Buck Owens) with plenty of fresh ideas and personality to spare.

Artist: Horseshoe
Nominated for: Best C&W; Local Musician of the Year (Eddie Hawkins); Best Male Vocalist (Greg Wood)

Sound of choice: C&W for the nipple-ring set
Time logged: More than a year
Etc.: Singer/lyricist Eddie Hawkins is a burly catalyst for Horseshoe the same way John Popper is for Blues Traveler, though that's where the similarities between the two bands end. Horseshoe messes with a little of everything, from punk to classic rock to folk to C&W, without hardly ever sounding pieced together, rehashed or retro. No peace and love lost on these guys.

Horseshoe performs at 7 p.m. Sunday at the Big Horn Saloon.

Artist: Houston Symphony
Nominated for: Best Classical Performer/Ensemble
Sound of choice: Classical
Time logged: Eighty-three years

Etc.: The nominating committee didn't tell us why, specifically, they put the Symphony on the ballot. They might be enthusiastic about Sounds Like Fun! kiddie concerts, or of Steven Stein in spangles conducting the Fourth of July sing-along. Maybe it's the chamber concerts of conductor Christoph Eschenbach. Or the Symphony's classical repertoire. Or the innovative contemporary performances. The Houston Symphony performs 200 times a year; it does a lot of things marvelously. What exactly it does best is difficult to say.

Artist: H.S.P.V.A. Orchestra
Nominated for: Best Classical Performer/Ensemble
Sound of choice: Classical
Time logged: Twenty-five years

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