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Meanwhile, Garcia tells us her staff at Municipal Courts had to sort out a recent snafu by City Controller Lloyd Kelley's minions that resulted in 50 municipal court judges getting late notices on their annual $235 membership fee for the State Bar of Texas. The notices warned that if the fees weren't promptly paid, the judges would lose their right to practice law in Texas. When the controller's staff sent the $3,525 check to cover the fees, they neglected to include the paperwork from municipal courts specifying whose memberships the money covered. Garcia assistant Anna Otero, an attorney herself, received one of the late notices and hastily mailed a duplicate of the invoice to the State Bar, allowing the municipal judges to keep their bench privileges.

Four More Years?
UH's Chris Wlezien and Bob Erikson are forecasting a narrow win for President Clinton in November. Using a formula combining economic indicators and voter approval ratings, the two political scientists were within a tenth of a percentage point in August 1992, when they correctly predicted Clinton's victory over George Bush. This time around, they had to jiggle their formula, since economic figures and approval ratings are not available for the third quarter of the year. To compensate, the pair instead relied on the Commerce Department's index of leading economic indicators and projections of approval ratings. In the forthcoming issue of American Politics Quarterly, Wlezien and Erikson peg Clinton's winning percentage at 54.6 over Republican Bob Dole. Of course, their projection was made before the possibility of a third-party challenge from Ross Perot or Dick Lamm appeared likely.

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