One can hardly call it being brutalized that his wrist was broken during his arrest; after all, he ran away and had to be tackled.

The trouble is that some money-hungry attorney is going to represent this family and sue everyone she can think of, when the responsibility rests with the parents of the boy.

Yes, the gun should have been found, but what is a 15-year-old doing with a .38 gun? Did he buy it and register the gun like the Brady law requires? I think not.

This article was a waste of ink. If he had not died in the back of that police car on that day, he probably would have died in some violent manner in the very near future.

Jude Wiggins

Department of Self-Promotion
The State Bar of Texas has belatedly announced its "Gavel Award" winners for 1995, and Houston Press staff writer and amateur David Crosby impersonator Steve McVicker was honored in the individual articles/editorials category for two 1994 stories. "Assembly Line Justice" examined the quality of legal representation provided capital murder defendants by court-appointed attorneys in Harris County, while "The Cloud Over Lightning Strike" was the first media account to raise questions about the FBI's behavior during its investigation of NASA contractors and employees at the Johnson Space Center.

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