Secrets of the Sphinx?

Big money, big lawyers, bizarre allegations: it's Sarofim v. Sarofim, the divorce from hell

"You know me, I believe, by reputation," the judge said, his country-boy voice running counter to the heavy-handedness for which he is famed. He warned the lawyers that he would recognize and punish any abuse of his courtroom: "Even a hog knows the difference between being tripped over and being kicked." When Lilly declared himself the lead counsel for the plaintiff's side, the judge seemed wary that colliding egos might complicate matters; he double-checked to be sure that Lilly's high-flying co-counsel -- tort king John O'Quinn -- wouldn't assume control at the last minute.

Fayez's and Linda's depositions were scheduled to begin July 2. In the meantime, the lawyers tried to hammer out a settlement. Neither Lilly nor Richard Keeton, Fayez's lawyer, now return phone calls regarding the case. But in early July, before the depositions began, Lilly estimated that the odds of going to court were 50-50. "If it doesn't reach settlement," he promised, "it'll be the War of the Roses, the divorce case from hell.

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