The Official Bruce T. White Line on Small Appliances, Atypical Relationships and the International Romance Concept

The following is in response to your recent tabloid article regarding T.L.C. Worldwide Inc., its principals and numerous events as published. ["Lovely Latin Ladies! Order Now!!" by Randall Patterson, August 1.] Unfortunately, almost all of the facts were distorted, hearsay was abundant and your view extremely biased against the entire international romance concept. From our experiences, individuals or organizations unaccepting of our individual choices (and freedoms) regarding courtships (domestic or international) have an underlying hateful agenda.

Typically, critics are unaccepting of our international dating program because of their own personal insecurities, prejudices, racism and unhappiness. Our company, however, encourages individual choices and freedoms to promote happiness and traditional families. Of course, these values are nonexistent in many "alternative" publications, which seem to be more "atypical" relationship-oriented and actually discourage traditional values. We hope that in the future you can be more tolerant of us for not sharing in these lifestyles.

A Press editor had promised me that the Press would be objective and seek the truth. In fact, he said the paper had the ethical responsibility to do so. But, as expected, not one example of a success was mentioned inthe article, even though you were presented with several. True, most of our clients declined to be interviewed by your reporter because of the personal nature of the request and the fact that they did not (rightfully) trust your reporter. Nor did the article mention any of my favorable qualities or personal achievements. That's okay, too.

Another injustice was the implication that Latin ladies could not or would not (ever) learn English. To us, this was an insult to the entire Hispanic community and the majority of legal immigrants who do learn and speak English regularly.

But what was truly unfair is the fact that hundreds of my clients and thousands of gentlemen nationwide are successfully participating in sincere relationships and marriages with foreign ladies. That wasn't mentioned, either.

International romance is a great option for gentlemen unhappy with their current dating environment. The majority of my clients are serious and sincere regarding their selection of a spouse. Because of the time, work and expense involved, typically only successful, financially stable and selective gentlemen pursue our program. Our client base includes doctors, attorneys, dentists, psychiatrists, managers and supervisors, marriage counselors and even a state Supreme Court judge.

For the majority of men, it is much easier to meet a woman through conventional means such as a local nightclub. But then, maybe that's why we have a domestic divorce rate of 50 to 70 percent, depending on the region of the country where you live.

Unfortunately, neither my company (nor anyone else) can make "guarantees" regarding the longevity of relationships or marriage. As one of my happily married clients stated, "Bruce, if anyone asks you for a guarantee, tell 'em to buy a toaster or blender."

Since your negative article first appeared, we have been besieged with offers from television talk shows, prospective clients and publications selling ad space -- all while increasing numbers of gentlemen clients learn of their new options while refusing the status quo. To many, the uncontested message of the article is that participating gentlemen can form relationships abroad with ladies happier, younger, more attractive and with fewer problems than can be found locally. We support those men and wish them well.

P.S. Please find enclosed my advertising renewal payment.
Bruce T. White
President, T.L.C. Worldwide Inc.

A Somewhat Critical Rejoinder
I am an avid reader of the Press and have, overall, been pleased with your paper (although I just don't get that comic strip in the back). Anyway, I now have a comment/complaint that I would like to share.

After reading the article, "Lovely Latin Ladies," I was very upset that the Press would give Bruce White any kind of publicity at all. Even bad publicity is good publicity to these cretins. I have never met the man, but judging by his picture and the way he thinks, I can understand why these American "jerks," as he calls them, would not want to spend any amount of time with him.

As a single mother of four-year-old twins, I have had to become strong and independent because of a man who could not handle the pressures that this life puts on a person, and I am very proud of the fact that I have the patience and love for my children to do this. Not only am I strong and independent because of this love, I am also this way because we live in a country that happens to allow it. So, Mr. White, before you open your trap again and let out any more garbage, please remember you are in America, not Honduras, and this is the way it is here in civilization. If it's so bad here, well, you could just go back there and stay. I'm sure the female population would get over it. Of course, we would feel for the poor women in South America, who, judging from the article, can't seem to stand you either.

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