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Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman's book about the importance of, for instance, empathy, has been on the New York Times bestseller list for nearly a year -- a welcome sign that Stephen King is not the only thing people read and that there is some interest in what we can do with our brains besides get into good schools because of good test scores. Smarts, in Goleman's view, are as much about understanding yourself and those around you as they are about spatial relationships. Hear what he has to say. 7 p.m. River Oaks Baptist School, 2300 Willowick. Reservations are required; for more information, call Judy Adams, 627-3687. $25.

september 25
Antique jewelry Amy Lawch, a Houston-based representative of the London-based Philips International auction house, will discuss and display collectors' item jewelry at a Heritage Society program. Lawch will not give appraisals -- really, no, not even ballpark figures; she will date pieces and talk a bit about their style and historical significance. 10 a.m. Heritage Society Museum, 1100 Bagby, 655-1912. $12.

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