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november 23
Dome Run It's a heart healthy event -- it's good for your heart and one dollar of each participant's entry fee will be donated to the American Heart Association. The Houston Press Dome Run 10K features, obviously, a 10K (open to runners and wheelchair athletes) and a three-mile fitness walk. A Dome-floor blowout is the post-race party. The walk starts at 7:50 a.m., other events follow and registration and general milling around begins at 6:30 a.m. Late registration is $20. West side of the Astrodome parking lot. Questions?Call 624-1448.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company Most Saturdays you can see suds made, find out if yeast pull is painful and get the lowdown on sparging during Saint Arnold brewery tours. The holiday season, however, offers more. This is the time of the Christmas Ale, a malty brew with an alcohol content of 7 percent by volume and frisky hop spiciness. Kevin Bartol, a big brew monkey with Saint Arnold, claims that the crew is cooking ten times as much Christmas Ale as last year because "last year our supply was so tight we weren't able to save any for our own Christmas party." Free tours and tasting, 1 p.m. 2522 Fairway Park Drive, 686-9494, Free.

National Council of Jewish Women's Cabaret Singer Jeanie Brandes is the entertainer for this benefit. NCJW will spend the money raised on worthy projects including aid to domestic-abuse victims, home instruction for preschoolers and a lunch program for HIV-positive people. The cabaret also features dinner, an auction and desserts from La Madeleine. 7 p.m. Adam's Mark Hotel, 2900 Briarpark Drive. For more information on the cabaret or NCJW, call 667-5694.

november 24
Lari Pittman's Enterprise CAM presents critic and author Dave Hickey in an art lecture about the midcareer works of Lari Pittman currently on view at the CAM. 3 p.m. University of Houston, Architecture Theater (entrance no. 16 off Cullen). For more information, call 526-0773 or visit Free.

Hilton Als In his book, The Women, Als says "Being an auntie man enamored of Negressity is all that I have ever known how to be. I do not know what my life would be, or if I would be at all, if I were any different." The black gay writer also says insightful things about his mother: "I think the resemblance my mother saw between herself and my father's new girlfriend shattered any claim to originality my mother had. And, being a woman, she chose to be critical of this similarity rather than judge my father." He goes on in the same lucid, direct and compassionate way about all manner of relationships and identities. Although he's a widely published journalist (Village Voice, Vibe, etc.), The Women is his first book, and he'll talk about it during his first Houston appearance tonight. 7 p.m. The Children's Museum, 1500 Binz, 521-2026. $10; $5, seniors and students.

november 25
Cleo's Comedy Theatre Cleo's hosts an open mike on Mondays, and though this rowdy event is not as polished as the cabaret show, it can be plenty of fun. Seeing awkward, inexperienced comics do a couple of bits well is fun, and so is seeing experienced comics messing around with new material. Also, occasionally, there is a wicked, sharp little joy to be had in watching someone -- someone who seems like the kind of person who thinks he's funny only because he's such an overbearing boor that all his underlings and peers humor him -- die miserably on-stage. 8 p.m. 3722 Washington, 861-2135. $3.

november 26
All About Phones Man, these kids today have toy cell phones in their kiddie cars, they have gum packs shaped like beepers instead of candy cigarettes and they frequently have their own phone lines by fourth grade. In short, they know phones. To give them a deeper insight into these expensive yet commonplace toys, the Children's Museum presents an exhibit, "All About Phones," full of electronics information and featuring The Telephone Man, a 14-foot-tall interactive sculpture made of and about phones by the Art Guys. Grand opening and ribbon cutting, 10 a.m. The Children's Museum, 1500 Binz, 759-1314. $5.

True secrets and lies June Cross, a Frontline producer, has created a very personal episode -- tonight's show, "Secret Daughter," is the true story of June's biracial upbringing. June was born to a white mother and black father in the fifties, and her mother gave June to a black family when she was four. June saw her mother, and her mother's husband, TV star Larry Storch, only on vacations. This special, 150-minute episode of Frontline explores the complex relationship between June and her mother. 9 p.m. PBS, Channel 8. Free.

november 27
Brisk walks Now that we have something that could be described, at least by South Texans, as a nip in the air, decent people feel the need for a brisk walk. The best place for city dwellers to enjoy such an excursion is on the outer loop trail of the Arboretum and Nature Center. It's wide, smooth and tree-lined from start to finish. If you can't take a walk through the park, take a walk through the park's on-line site any time, 4501 Woodway. 681-8433. Free.

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