There is no university policy regarding counteroffers. It is left to the deans to set their colleges' priorities. In truth, there is not a biased bone in Jack Ivancevich's body, so his image needed oxidizing. Unfortunately for Mr. Fleck, his vantage point was on the fringes and the real story passed him by. His weather report could have sizzled in ways he never thought possible. Instead, he got to be the mouthpiece for his favorite UH "department sources" and missed his chance at tabloid stardom.

Angi Patton
President-elect, UH Faculty Senate

In light of the Houston Police Department's well-documented policy of stopping law-abiding people of color passing through the city's tonier "white" neighborhoods and Jim Simmon's article "Where the Sidewalk Ends" [November 11] describing HPD's detention of a hapless Caucasian tourist who stumbled into the predominantly African-American Fourth Ward, it might be in order for our Visitors & Conventions Bureau to distribute skin color-coded city maps so that unwary visitors of all races could avoid similar indignities.

Tobin A. Sparling

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