Bucky Richardson is ordering them by the gross
Jason Frankel's company, The Tooth Fairy, began producing elaborate novelty teeth, including such models as the misshapen, best-selling "Bubba," widely gapped and generously endowed with stains, cavities and cracks.

Stop him before he sculpts again
David Adickes, sculptor of downtown's cello man and Huntsville's super-gigantic Sam Houston, revealed his next project: an American Presidents Theme Park populated by 16-foot busts of all 41 presidents, crowning eight-foot bases that will double as presidential mini-museums.

And thence to the human brain that thinks up weird ties
Rice University celebrated its new computer science building with a special edition necktie depicting the hall's mosaic ceiling mural, "The Birth of Consciousness," a black spot of nothingness flowing to a flower representing the primordial Big Bang and thence to the universe that forms around it.

Lynn Wyatt passed
James Russell Paugh, now doing 30 years, bilked 2,000 investors by showing them a dilapidated grocery he said would become a members-only store, "The Shopping Adventure," where valets would greet customers at the door and wholesale prices on everything from a can of corn to a Lexus would prevail.

We were pulling for "The Rice Adventure"
Developer Randall Davis ran a contest to rename the renovated Rice Hotel and received such suggestions as The Ricestonian, Rice Royale, The Rice Experience, Rice Twice Lofts and The 1913 House of Rice.

Till death do us part
Pawnbroker Ted Kipperman, a licensed minister, converted a tiny guard shack into a drive-thru wedding chapel for customers who buy a wedding ring or a gun at his store.

The cutouts booed, too
When crowds at Oilers games shrank drastically after the team announced they'd be leaving town, some lonely fans in the mezzanine filled vacant seats with 17 humanoid cardboard cutouts.

Now he's perfecting the seat belts
Former rodeo cowboy Morris Futch, whose head was once stepped on by a bull at a San Antonio rodeo, designed the "BullTough" safety helmet for bull riders.

That's how ValuJet got its start
Doug O'Connor flew from Galveston to Ontario in his homemade gyroplane (think Road Warrior), which he describes as "a lawn chair attached to a ceiling fan."

The Rich Are Different from You and Me

But did it get mints on its pillow?
When Barney and Ellen Kogen set sail on a 114-day cruise around the world, they rented a big truck to transport their belongings to the ship and booked an extra cabin for their Stairmaster.

Why Santa's reindeer won't fly over River Oaks without their little Kevlar vests

Socialite Pepe Anderson told the Chronicle's "Entertaining" section about her family's traditional sportsman's Christmas tree, which began when her grandchildren festooned an evergreen with red and green fishing worms, then garlanded it with empty shotgun shells strung on fishing line.

Eat your heart out, Tim Leary
Vicki Criezis, widow of former Houston restaurateur Ernie Criezis -- he of Harlow's and The Great Caruso -- found him a plot next to Marilyn Monroe's crypt in Hollywood's Forest Lawn cemetery.

After decades of research
Houston's Ladies Who Lunch, reluctant to mess up their lipstick or leave unsightly smears on their drinking glasses, decided en masse to sip their iced tea through straws.

2-2, exc. condition, wtr vu
The Neiman Marcus holiday catalog offered a $5,000 fully furnished fish condominium.

Including Envy Green, Ostentation Orange and Mercenary Mauve
At a party where the female guests were asked to come in exercise clothes, socialite Margaret Williams arrived in a Chanel spandex halter, Chanel spandex short shorts over Chanel leggings, and a floaty Chanel wrap -- a workout ensemble which she owns in several colors.

When they sang "and many more," they meant it
Don Sanders -- the business executive, not the folk singer -- celebrated his 60th birthday by flying 178 friends to the Phoenician resort in Phoenix, where he treated them to golf and tennis tournaments, spa treatments and massages, an outdoor barbecue with fireworks and a seated dinner-dance.

We're afraid to ask about Pussy Galore
Businessman Russell Bentley's 007-themed birthday festivities featured his staged "abduction" from a golf course and a private plane ride home, where gold-painted female legs sprouted from his lawn, casino gambling equipment had been installed in his house and his wife's hairdresser sported a diamond-and-emerald necklace twined in his locks.

That's Entertainment

The prosecution rests
A Channel 11 report on whether Houston TV stations devote too much time to crime news was preceded by a lengthy segment on the death of two La Porte teenagers and a piece on the discovery of two corpses along Texas 288.

Thus setting back Houston's new image campaign ten years
Rumors spread that a Planet Hollywood would open next year in the Pavilion on Post Oak's defunct movie theater.

The nabobs at Newsweek were suitably impressed
Promoter N. Durr announced plans to bring the Three Tenors to play the Astrodome for what she billed as their final concert anywhere; pricing tickets at $1,000$2,500 for floor seating, she promised to cut the show's set into small pieces, curtains and all, and sell it to audience members.

But there was so much pond scum, all they hooked were bottom-feeders
The Summer Boat Show featured a "Media Fishing Frenzy" at which such luminaries as Roseann Rogers, Dayna Steele, Tom Koch and Lanny Griffith cast their lines into a trout-filled swimming pool to see who could catch the biggest fish.

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