I admit that Texas Southern University has many problems, but can you actually expect all the problems incurred over the years to be solved in a relatively short period of time? TSU was never created to be on par with UT or Texas A&M, but the university has produced outstanding individuals -- federal judges, state judges, attorneys, statesmen and humanitarians. TSU is the only place where many individuals have a chance for a decent life.

I met one young woman at TSU who had been a member of a notorious gang. She has completely changed her life and is now making plans on attending law school. Everything that comes out of TSU is not bad -- the university is also a place for wayward souls to grow, change and become good citizens.

V. Bastone
via Internet

In Alison Cook's story "Year of the Rat" in the December 26 Press, it was erroneously stated that a letter circulated on behalf of state representative candidate Dwayne Bohac claimed he was a "pioneering member" of St. Ambrose Catholic Church.The letter actually stated that Bohac's parents had been pioneer members of the church.

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