Mr. Allen's films may appear to be "sanitized." However, his movies are about people who live in the Upper East Side of Manhattan: a very posh place that is, after all, a largely white, stuffy and homogeneous neighborhood. Personally, I've always preferred the alluring diversity of the Village to the sterility of the Upper East Side. The Village is charming and contains a fascinating mix of cultures and people from all walks of life. It never occurred to me that the Village seemed more genuinely "New York" because of the garbage, noise, ugly subways and black people.

Gary M. Freeman

Editor's reply: Rainer did not use the phrases "unpleasant realities" or "omitted urban ugliness" in inventorying the things that are nowhere to be seen in Allen's new movie. He did write: "You have to be a true obsessive to keep Manhattan this time-warped." That might explain why you won't find long lines of African-Americans queued up to see Allen's movies.

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