Diversity? Got that too!
Lloyd: "And the diversity of food ... you forgot about that, the fact that you can get almost anything you want. There's a new, um, Indian cafeteria that opened up in the Village. I mean, think about that."

Elyse: "I've heard about it. It's great."
Lloyd: "It's amazing how much diversity ... only in New York can they match that."

Elyse: "Yeah, we really do have it here."
Lloyd: "It's really exciting."
[Editor's note: We assume he was referring to the new Dimassi's in Rice Village, which serves Middle Eastern food. But we know how it is -- all this diversity can get confusing.]

Lloyd asks Elyse whether Houston's "high tech" stuff is going to be part of her program

"Oh, oh ... yes ... I don't know as much about that yet, but that definitely is part of it."

Elyse lists Houston's wonderful corporate leaders "Gordon Bethune is a wonderful leader ... Philip Carrol is a wonderful leader ... Ken Lay is a wonderful leader ...."

Don't forget another wonderful leader
Elyse: "Think of the projects we have going on downtown. I mean, the Rice Hotel is being done as we speak -- that is so exciting!"

Lloyd: "Michael Stevens gets big credit for that."
Elyse: "Michael Stevens did a fabulous job!"

Elyse on the rodeo
"The rodeo is fabulous."

... To a point
"But we're not gonna think of Houston as just ... cows."

Elyse on what Elyse knows
"All I know is selling, and I love to sell, and I especially love to sell things, products, that are really wonderful ...."

On the high cost (or not) of selling the city
Lloyd: "We have a lot to sell."
Elyse: "And it costs a lot."
Lloyd: "Not really."
Elyse: "To advertise? It costs a lot ...."
Lloyd: "It costs more not to."
Elyse: "You're absolutely right -- it costs more not to!

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