Sportin' Life

Which sort of brings us back to the political imperative lending the most urgency to the stadium endeavors: the fact that Lanier is coming down to his last nine months in office.

Well, that's a fact as of this minute. But if I were one of the 647 people pondering a run to replace him, I'd think real hard before I put my house in West U on the market or started hitting up total strangers for money. With Lanier refusing to rule out the possibility of seeking another term if the city's terms limits ordinance were somehow overturned, it's not much of a stretch to imagine him humbly bowing to a "don't go, Mayor Bob" groundswell, even if it were one he and his cronies were privately manufacturing.

Of course, by doing so Lanier would risk being made out as a hypocrite, since he contributed money to the campaign that got the term limits ordinance on the ballot back in 1991.

But that was yesterday.

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