I resent your arrogance. Why do you think the written word is so much better than the spoken one? Radio is and always will be a viable pursuit for many people -- it's not just the bastard stepchild of other forms of broadcast. We, unlike you, have not been knighted with the "lofty" responsibility of print review of popular culture. Don't use your minuscule column space to comment on something of which you're apparently ignorant.

In closing, I suspect that this must be a case of professional jealousy. Money, perhaps? Stern's movie raked in $5 million-plus on its first weekend. Not bad, even for a DJ.

Richard Cabrera

Hobart Rowland's review of Veruca Salt's new album Eight Arms to Hold You [Rotation, March 20] contains what I, a fan of Veruca Salt, consider to be a major error. Mr. Rowland incorrectly lists the album's producer as Steve Albini, when the producer was, in fact, Bob Rock. (Steve Albini did produce last year's Veruca Salt EP, Blow It Out Your Ass, It's Veruca Salt.) One has to wonder just how much attention Rowland paid to this album before giving it the very negative review he did. The fact that Bob Rock produced this album was mentioned numerous times in every pre- and post-release article about this record. How it was missed by your reviewer is beyond me. I feel that a certain amount of attention ought to be paid to a work before ripping it to shreds.

Mike Legoudes Jr.
via Internet

Editor's reply: Hobart Rowland was indeed wrong. Bob Rock produced the new Veruca Salt album. It still sucks.

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