Down the Road

Tamarie Cooper's Tamalalia Two is a trip to remember

Aware of how important it is for a glamour girl to remain glamorous, Cooper makes costume changes -- once on the bus -- and keeps up a witty patter with her cohorts, most notably Sarah Mitchell and Dewitt Gravink, both of whom make coy companions. Strolling down the aisle telling deadpan jokes or singing like an out-of-towner at a New York audition, Cooper never fails to hold her passengers' attention.

Throughout, there's much demanded audience participation in terms of group singing, rounds and other musical trinkets. But if one is melodically impaired, there's always the option of ducking behind a seat and chatting with your buddy.

All field trips come to an end, and Tamalalia Two comes to a festive one with a sack lunch or dinner and a band at the Zocalo home base. Following the arrival at Zocalo, there are more dance numbers, but as all graduates of elementary school know, the show's over once you get off the bus. In this case, and largely because of Cooper's diverse talents, the trip is more than worth the ride.

Tamalalia Two boards through May 18 at the Zocalo Theater, 5223 Feagan, 935-2008.

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