H.R. Snyder

Carter's the Name
We note your mention of the current status of the original Wheatley High School site as a "career center." Our school family wishes to set your record straight. The building, correctly located at 1700 Gregg at Lyons, houses the staff and students of H. P. Carter Career Center, an alternative HISD high school named for another African-American civic leader of the Fifth Ward. We offer at-risk students a complete high school curriculum in conjunction with numerous vocational courses. Your apologies are accepted!

Rhonda R. Cotton
Principal, H. P. Carter Career Center

Home Is Where the School Is
In reference to V. M. Star's agreement [Letters, "Fooling with Home Schooling," April 17] with Brian Wallstin's "Basic Ballard" [March 13]: Star says the home-school movement is about the money for vouchers. He (or she) is sadly mistaken.

All of the home schoolers from the Christian Coalition (that's a term he's evidently including all Christians in!) that I know are being schooled at home to keep them away from a lot of children with no interest in education and even less in discipline. These parents feel they can educate their children better than the liberal (anything goes) school system that continues to turn out more and more illiterate, unqualified college applicants.

But since he mentions the money: These families have paid school taxes, so why shouldn't they receive sums of their money back that they've contributed to a system they don't believe in by force from the government? He (or she) said the home-school parents would give you their lawyers' names in case someone wanted to enter their property. Does that amaze him? If it does, I'd like to enter his (or her) home to check out whatever I can think of. He says home schools would be okay if they were integrated by race and abilities and used the same test. He must be in administration at some school district, or he's badly brainwashed. Most families are of the same race, and if they are of mixed race, so are their brothers and sisters. So what does race have to do with home schooling?

If God wrote a scripted answer for the home schoolers it would behoove everyone to take it as gospel. I hope Mr. or Mrs. Star is still around to read this -- unless he or she has decided to catch the next comet to the next level and leave his or her container behind.

P.S. I don't home school anyone. Both my daughters went to public schools.
John Robert Plimper
Missouri City

Something in the Way He Moves
Peter Rainer needs to see more movies: City of Industry had no torture, no sadism, no cute little lines that mean nothing. [Film, "Angst Among Thieves," March 13]. So I guess that is why he didn't like it.

It did have a pretty, sexy, intelligent and soulful female. Two intelligent and interesting women, really. And Harvey Keitel gave his best performance yet: It was subtle, moving, realistic and without wasted motion.

If the protagonist had been Clint Eastwood, that Nautilus-ballooned, wooden-faced knucklehead, Rainer would have liked his "performance."

Keitel's looks, subtle gestures, quiet reactions and his movements -- yes, the way he moves, putz (something among many things you didn't notice) -- were exciting and beautiful, and important. Remember, they're moving pictures. Go back to writing for your high school paper.

Wolfe Rudman

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