I ride 36-Kempwood daily, transferring, like a lot of people, on Main Street to get to the courthouse where I work. As I recall, most of the streets in question are five or six lanes wide, so how much "narrowing" are we talking about? The article even admits later on that "ridership may actually increase if Cotswold brings more people into the area."

And I cannot fathom having to refund money to the FTA at a time when the federal government is mandating alternatives to the car. By definition, mass transit works more efficiently the higher the population density. Cotswold, the Rice Hotel and loft projects and the like can only raise that density.

In conclusion: Go Civic Pride! Go Cotswold! Go Rockets!
Robert F. Alexander
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Radiant Renee
Really enjoyed your review of The Whole Wide World [Film, "Pulp Friction," by Michael Sragow, May 1]. My youngest daughter and Renee Zellweger were on a soccer team together back in their early days in Katy, and we had the delightful experience of having Renee at our home quite often, what with sleepovers and dinners out, etc.

You are right on the money about her smile. I haven't seen Jerry Maguire yet, but every time I see the previews and she smiles, I smile right back. Our family is very proud of her success.

Linda Walden

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