I am equally appalled by this individual who thinks he can intimidate his adversaries by using and abusing the U.S. justice system. My only concern is that Weathers failed to examine the fact that the majority of the people that the U.S. government supports are Americans. I think she is making a reference to the illegal immigrants that are benefiting from our tax dollars, and I can empathize with that. But she needs to re-evaluate her comment that she's tired of taking care of immigrants whom "we take care of like our own." Legal immigrants pay taxes as much as she does. The taxes that they pay benefit Americans, too. It just happens that John Shike, a naturalized American "zit," is of Middle Eastern descent.

Name withheld by request
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Cagey Bureaucrat Versus Defensive Journalist
Sounds like Brian Wallstin may have been cut by Kathy Barton's letter [Letters, "If You Just Would Have Listened to Me...," May 29]. So eager was he to defend his shaky ground ["A Flaky Deal," April 24] that he himself "seemed confused" by the contents of Barton's letter. The condescending tone of the first paragraph of Wallstin's response ("Now it can be told...") is particularly inappropriate in that he completely misses Ms. Barton's point on the subject at hand. It's not that "the city won't remove lead-based paint from homes that have no air conditioning." It's that the source of the lead can't actually be determined in this home.

Let me lay the chain out for you, Brian. No air conditioning means the windows are open. Extensive exterior stripping means that there are particles in the air from that. Marginal housekeeping means that these particles, once they enter the house in question, stay there.

I don't know if any of this is true. I've never visited the areas in question. But this is what Ms. Barton said in her letter, not the infinitely more absurd assertion that the city "won't bother if the house doesn't pass the white-glove test."

Your ill-advised defensiveness, coupled with your simple misreading of the launching-off point for your rant, has severely undermined your argument, and now I don't know who to believe: the cagey bureaucrat or the journalist with the bruised ego.

Chris Smith
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True Confession
I'm a 45-year-old family man who can easily be classified as a conservative Republican. I thought you'd like to know how much I enjoy reading your newspaper each week. I especially enjoy The Insider and your feature articles. I believe you bring a necessary second opinion to the Houston resident who cares about how things get done and how things are run. Keep up the good work. I'll be reading.

Chris Stagg
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Special Ad
With respect to your story "Special Crime" in the May 22 Insider [by Tim Fleck]: In the last month there have been several news stories about a weight loss product and the advertising campaign for it, where they send out an ad and what appears to be a handwritten note suggesting that the recipient was seen in public in serious need of weight loss. Dollar to a doughnut this is what the secretary got.

R. W. Hughes
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