A Traditionalist Writes ...
I note that whenever someone zaps you a letter on the Internet, you state "via Internet" after their name in the Letters column. The remaining letters are not distinguished as to mode of arrival -- whether they be by post, cable, fax, hand delivery, overnight express, semaphore, brick through window or carrier pigeon.

Am I to give greater weight and credibility to people who communicate by computer? Has their easy access to pornography made them learned and wise? Should I, in monk-like fealty, repetitiously copy their observations?

Warren C. Brown
via the mail

Let Them Eat Shampoo Bowls
Perhaps Mr. Unexpected was a little harsh on Mrs. Lanier [Expect the Unexpected, June 26]. Houston's first lady has always shown great enthusiasm and concern for Houston and its people. We just have to remember the old saying: "The rich are different from you and me." I'm sure that diamond bracelets and in-home hair salons are a part of everyday life in some circles. I am sure that there are millions of people -- could they afford it -- who would love to have someone come in and "fluff" them every day. I know I would.

I just hope that none of these discontented ever decide to cause an unsightly and unruly scene outside of Tony's while Ms. Elyse is eating a delicious piece of cake!

I found the House & Garden article, and it's worse than I thought. Of the only two men mentioned, one is having his hair fluffed and the other is having his nails done. Forget the expense, I think the Houston Image Group needs to get to work -- soon!

Bill Johnson
Texas City

Editor's note: Yes, Mr. Unexpected was a bit churlish in assessing Mrs. Lanier's comments in House & Garden. At the time, he was unaware that the daily fluffing was part of the mayor's new "Hair to Standard" program.

Gypped Again
I guess the word "shame" or the phrase "I am sorry" does not exist in the vocabulary of former assistant district attorney Kristen Pain ["Pain for the Prosecution," by Steve McVicker, June 26].

We, the taxpayers of Harris County, paid the salary of this immature woman.
We did not receive value for our investment.
John L. Anders Jr.

New Address
Bubba is alive and well, and he has moved uptown ["The Great Decolorizer," by Tim Fleck, June 19].

William Russell Simmons Jr.

The Potentially High Cost of Coprolalia
Damn, that Randall Patterson sure is one fine writer. But must he use that language ["Sherwood's Rules," May 15]? It offends the sensibility of us gentle Southern folk. I'd give him a huge raise, but with a fine for any "non-mentionables" included.

Ken Strike
via Internet

Drop Kick the "Readers" Poll
Although not a fan of Ezra Charles, and I would not cast my vote for him as Best Keyboardist, he does have a valid point in his annual lament letter [Letters, "Ezra's (Annual) Lament," June 26]. Where is the readers' input, until after the fact? Your showcase lineup is announced prior to the outcome of the Music Awards readers' poll. The Austin Chronicle allows the readers and people who support live music to make the choice.

I have no complaint about the bands and musicians nominated -- they all deserve recognition -- but where are some of the most enjoyable and crowd-drawing bands in Houston, like the Drop Kick Chihuahuas, Teddy Boys and Romeo Dogz? The Drop Kick Chihuahuas are headlining no less than three of the most popular club anniversaries in Houston (Satellite, Blue Iguana and Mary Jane's). What other band in Houston plays three-hour sets (no breaks), 40 to 50 tunes in one evening and holds the crowd until 2 a.m.? I am a big supporter of the live music scene here in Houston, and would like to see a readers' poll that is truly geared toward the readers. To Ezra I say, "Better luck next time." And to the category of Best R&B or Just Plain Blues, I say, "Bring on the Drop Kick Chihuahuas!"

Sandra Bates

"Double Poop" to You, Tommy
We were very distressed, disgusted and utterly flabbergasted by your recent "Spunk Rock" article on the Muffs [Music, by Steve Appleford, June 12]. We are Spunk, and we dictate who is and isn't Spunk rock. The Muffs suck.

You guys have all of our recent stuff, including the Japanese fingerbang import. Find some other band with a Japanese import in Houston. It's time for you guys to get off the N.Y., L.A. major label kick. I'm sure the neglected stacks of other local bands feel the same way.

Sure, locals don't have millions of dollars in backing or hot glossy promo, but let's see music reviews of bands at all levels. So if your writers are going to use our name in a title, mention the great band that influenced you. You, sirs, are part of the problem with the local music scene. You have the power to change and strengthen the scene, and all you've done is spend another full page on the big guys.

Poop to you.
Tommy Tod
Spunk rock chairman

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