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Please, please find a movie critic other than Peter Rainer. Why is it that local freebie newspapers like the Press and Public News have pretentious Pauline Kael wannabes? It's not that I don't agree with Mr. Rainer on some of his reviews -- I do, but when I disagree with him, I would expect at minimum a reasoned and sound argument for why he feels the film fails. Actually, cutting to the chase and letting us know whether or not he does or does not like the film would be good for starters.

I just decided to stop reading his reviews after reading his critique (if you can call it that) of Contact. It's as though Mr. Rainer decides before he enters the theater that he isn't going to like the film and then spends an inordinate amount of space rationalizing why that is.

Robert Graham
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This Letter Makes No Reference to Peter Rainer
Susan E. Howard [Letters, "The Dialectics of Aunt Jemima," July 10] seems to be a woman consumed by race and racism, perhaps the ultimate racist.

Thomas Jacobs
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