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Among Randolph's allegations is her claim that Dolcefino's broadcast "left the distinct impression in the viewer's mind that Ms. Randolph, a recently married member of the Second Baptist Church, and Mr. Kelley, the Houston city controller and a married man, were involved in an affair." As a result, Randolph says, her "honor, integrity and chastity" have been im-pugned, and she has lost the respect of neighbors and acquaintances.

So far, the thrice-married Kelley has not sued Dolcefino for impugning his chastity, but, hey, he's still got plenty of time before the statute of limitations on such a suit runs out.

The Insider will be grabbing some much-needed R&R over the next few weeks, but in his absence you can still drop a dime on the malefactors by calling (713) 624-1483 or faxing that unauthorized material to (713) 624-1496.

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