We left the school this summer after being there three years and returned to West U Elementary. We felt we couldn't afford to lose another year academically. I did not see any hope of the school improving this fall.

On paper, the school has many good concepts, but the majority of the teachers are light-years away from knowing how to effectively implement them. And without a strong leader at the helm, one well-versed in multi-age, experimental teaching techniques, the problem is compounded.

Name withheld by request

Stalking Rainer
I beeline for what Peter Rainer has to say every week. I am paid off by descriptions of Christopher Walken's "village-of-the-damned glowers" and someone else's accented voice as "verbal blues, a sleepy-time patter that comes out of a richer and freakier movie than the one we're watching." Thrilling.

Does P. R. live in Houston? Is he stalkable, I mean, talkative?
Lisa Miller
via Internet

Editor's reply: The answer to your first question is no; we aren't sure about the second.

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