But the real legacy of the educational family at Milby is that her graduates, by and large, just became good citizens. In this day and age, that is a remarkable accomplishment. They have jobs, pay taxes, have gotten married (and, mostly, stayed married), had families and put something back into the community.

That legacy may not make the headlines or the society columns, but it is what makes Milby, and Houston, a great place. It is really what education is all about.

Thanks, Michael, for letting Houston know that the tradition lives on and is in good hands.

Robert Kendrick, Milby Class of '64
via Internet, Houston

More from the Canine Anti-Defamation League
Kudos to the Press for printing "All Apologies" by Jim Simmon [September 25]. We (and our two beagles) were especially pleased that you apologized to Houston canines, although perhaps Mayor and Mrs. Lanier should put a muzzle on Lloyd Kelley. The Houston Image Group can pump millions of dollars into trying to portray our city as a sophisticated, world-class metropolis, only to have those dollars flushed down the toilet by the bigoted remarks of a third-rate politician like Mr. Kelley. Otherwise, I suggest to Mrs. Lanier that she change her group's motto to "Houston: Expect the Expected."

Alan J. Hurwitz
via Internet, Houston

The very idea that Lloyd Kelley used the ruse of sexual orientation is disgusting. Mr. Kelley, this is 1997, not 1947.

Kelley typifies all that is wrong with politics. To call him a pathetic, ignorant, mudslinging Neanderthal would be charitable. I don't give a damn what a person does or doesn't do in the bedroom, or which sex they choose to do it with. Character is far more important, and it is obvious that Kelley has none. You can bet that there is a greater chance of a blizzard striking Houston than me casting a vote for Kelley. I hope all Houstonians come to the same conclusion. Ignorance is not a virtue, Mr. Kelley.

Skip Houston
via Internet

I Should Have Listened to Rainer ...
I would like to defend the critic everyone loves to hate, Peter Rainer. As a busy working person, I value his opinion, because I only have time for excellence. I do not want to watch a mediocre movie, even if it offers a little diversion and escape.

Everyone knows that recent productions have been somewhat tiresome due to retread plots and cliched characters. With home video, you can fast-forward to dramatic sequences. At the theater, however, you feel guilty about walking out of a lousy film after driving there, waiting in line, buying popcorn and being seated. Also, it pays to have the right information before you invite someone else along.

I will never forget the time I went to see the forgettable schoolteacher-versus-gangs movie 187. My companion complained loudly about being dragged to a depressing, violent and pointless movie. Rainer issued a negative review in the Press that week. I wish that I had taken the time to consult his column instead of Jeff Millar's positive review in the Houston Chronicle.

Peter is a good writer with concise opinions on very subjective topics. It is ridiculous to suggest, as one reader did to the editor, that he be fired. Keep up the good work, Peter!

Greg Van Pelt

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