In regard to Mr. Weidenfield's statement that Polland's intent was "not to demonize Jews": That's no doubt true, but to single out any particular group or subgroup of people as "the enemy" --even in the narrow, politically partisan context in which Mr. Polland operates -- sure sounds like demonization to us. Polland, after all, is not just a conservative Jew --he's the chairman of the Harris County Republican Party, and that is how he was identified by New York magazine.

Fleck made no claim that Polland is anti-Semitic or a "self-hating Jew"; he did, however, attempt to point out that to describe the "liberal Jewish community" as "the intellectual backbone of everything that's wrong with this country" is to conspicuously echo a tenet of programmatic anti-Semitism that can be traced from Louis Farrakhan to Hitler and centuries back into history.

But we agree with Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Silver that we could have made that point in a less incendiary and perhaps more artful manner.

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