Justice Lost -- and Found

Austin police may finally file charges in the death of courts activist Donna Ringoringo

"Many, many times she did without," says Timmons. "There just aren't very many people who cared as much about other people as Donna did."

Timmons, who worked with Ringoringo at the Victim Assistance Center, has never bought into the theory of some of Ringoringo's more conspiracy-minded friends and family, who've suggested that she was murdered to silence her criticism of the family courts. If someone had wanted to kill Ringoringo, she notes, there would have been plenty of opportunities to do so before the activist arrived at a well-traveled intersection where there would be lots of witnesses.

Timmons believes there is a simple explanation for the delay in the investigation: Because Ringoringo was not an Austin resident, police had little incentive to make solving the hit-and-run a priority.

"If that had been her hometown, I think this would have been handled differently," says Timmons.

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This is a shameful situation! Had this happened to a drunk local you are telling me it would of took priority over this case? I think not! Just shows the priorities of said administration,prior to White house occupation!


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