Michael Easton
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The Way It Is
To mention Gary Polland and Louis Farrakhan in the same sentence is accurate [The Insider, "...And Look Out for the GOPstapo!", by Tim Fleck, November 13, and Letters, "What Polland Said," November 27]. Both Polland and the GOP are preaching hate in the name of religion. To mention Polland and Hitler in the same sentence is much more accurate than they would have you believe. It isn't "Holocaust denial" if the aim is to prevent another Holocaust.

The type of thinking that the GOP preaches (along with their efforts at censoring opposing opinion) is exactly the type of (lack of) thinking that preceded the Holocaust. Thank you for calling it the way it is, Mr. Fleck (and Houston Press).

Stanley Rosenthal
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More Mong
I have eaten at Mo Mong [Cafe, "To Eat, Perchance to Dream," by Kyle Wagner, November 6] about five times since it has opened, and it gets better to me each time. The food and the service are exceptional. Every time I go, I take someone with me who hasn't been before, and they absolutely love it. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes Vietnamese food or for someone looking to try it.

Chris Jones
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