Any Third World country would be proud of a street like ours. However, since we pay First World taxes and have to endure the millions being spent by City Council on an inane self-promotion campaign (Houston: Expect the Unexpected), we would be happier if we got that for which we're paying.

To add insult to injury, our complaints to Councilman Jew Don Boney's office have elicited a form that all property owners must sign, agreeing to pay for needed street repairs before the nabobs in city government will spring into action.

Alan & Joey Foley

Good Call
I was forwarded your article on Caedmon's Call [Music, "Heaven Sent?", by Bob Ruggiero, December 18] by a relative in the Houston area. The coverage was quite open, seemingly unbiased and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

B. Butler
via Internet

They Got Off Easy
It must be difficult reviewing local talent, no matter how questionable that talent is. Hobart Rowland gave a scathing review of Madman Justice's new CD [Static, November 27], and was immediately harangued by two -- count them, two -- letters [December 25] protesting his review. One of the protesters even compared him to a "deaf toad." However, it should be noted that the letter from Jeanne Wallace ("Hobart Rowland, Deaf Toad"] might be a bit biased, "relatively" speaking. I guess if you don't have any real fans to come to your defense, then a letter from lead singer Stevie MuRee's mama will have to do, especially since this girl has a voice only a mother could love.

P.S. I've heard the album. It sucks, unless you like screeching and repetitive chords.

Name withheld by request

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